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How Does The ECU Exchange Service Work?

Limited availability on some models please check stock to avoid delays. Overnight shipments will not leave after 3PM. More »

Mail-In ECU Flashing Services

How Does Mail-In ECU Flashing Work?

We ship daily. Our turn-around time is typically 1 day which usually means 6-7 days round-trip. Overnight shipments will not leave after 3PM. More »


The Future of Tuning!

The future of tuning technology has arrived. With our tuning software and interface you can have the benefits of a YEC kit ECU without sacrificing your gauge functionality or settling for a piggy-back More »

Currently Available Models


06-07 Yamaha R6: Mail-In/Exchange, ECU Interface
08-13 Yamaha R6: Mail-In/Exchange, ECU Interface
07-08 Yamaha R1: Mail-In/Exchange, ECU Interface
09-11 Yamaha R1: Mail-In/Exchange, ECU Interface
12-13 Yamaha R1: Mail-In/Exchange, ECU Interface

04-12 Suzuki Gsxr600: Mail-In/Exchange
04-12 Suzuki Gsxr750: Mail-In/Exchange
03-13 Suzuki Gsxr1000: Mail-In/Exchange
02-12 Suzuki Hayabusa: Mail-In/Exchange
05-08 Suzuki SV1000: Mail-In/Exchange

05-06 Kawasaki zx636: Mail-In/Exchange
07-08 Kawasaki zx6:Mail In
09-12 Kawasaki zx6: Mail-In/Exchange
2013 Kawasaki zx636: Mail-In
2013 Kawasaki ex250 Ninja: Mail-In/Exchange
2013 Kawasaki ex300 Ninja: Mail-In/Exchange

Free Re-Flashes?

Flash-tune offers free re-flashing and support to all existing customers as long as you own your bike. If you have a slip-on now and get a full exhaust system later or if we release new features for your model just send your ECU back in for free. If you receive a Generic Flash, you may reflash for a different Generic Flash within your bike model. If you have a custom flash you may reflash whichever features that you would like. (note: Generic Flashes can not be re-flashed with custom features.) Please note it is important that you keep the information label affixed to your ECU or write down your .bin or .ftm number before sending back your ECU for re-flashing. When you send in for a reflash please provide a note with your ECU on what you would like changed, your return information, and name.

FAQ – ECU Flashing

Simply put what is flashing and what can I expect?
This process is fast and affordable. ECU flashing is the best performance mod for your money. It is an economical alternative to traditional plug in components such as a power commander, TRE, secondary fuel module, ignition module, just to name a few. ECU flashing offers superior tuning flexibility and does not require any additional equipment. You already have a standalone ECU and with our help you can program it as you see fit. We offer several options for several models. In most cases you can expect 5-10 horse power gains to the ground. We have an extensive map library and in most cases you will not need a custom tune after installing our modified ECU. This is state of the art emerging technology intended for closed circuit use only.

What if I am not satisfied?
100% satisfaction is guaranteed! If you're unsatisfied for any reason, just send back your ECU. We will return your ECU to stock and we'll refund your purchase price no questions asked! If you don't want to wait just pay the core exchange deposit and we'll mail you a stock ECU and refund 100% of your money when we receive your previously flashed ECU.

What if I am uncertain what services are right for me?
If you need help deciding what is right for you, our experienced customer service representatives are standing by Tuesday–Saturday 9am-6pm PST

How do I remove and install my ECU what tools will I need?
Depending on make and model you will need basic hand tools usually included in your OEM tool kit. You will need to remove your front seat and locate the ECU which should be in plain sight. To install simply follow these same steps in reverse order.

What if I have a power commander map I already like and why is this better?
After extensive research, we have developed a system which allows us to load .djm formatted power commander maps directly into your ECU. The .djm map format is slightly outdated but useful as it is very well known and maps in this format are readily available. A power commander is a piggy-back controller which installs between the ECU and fuel injectors. It monitors the ECU output and modifies it by a given percent before forwarding the new modified signal to the actual injector. This concept was revolutionary when it was first introduced because it allowed for quick and easy basic fuel adjustments but since then it has become outdated. Modern Sport bikes use different fuel calculation methods for cruising and hard riding as well as complicated atmospheric and ram-air corrections which make them impossible to tune correctly with a simple piggy-back controller. We modify the ECU’s base-maps directly, allowing your ECU to operate normally while complimenting your performance modifications. We make your bike run how the factory would if they weren’t forced to meet strict noise and emissions standards.

Why is this better than a TRE?
Like the TRE your bike will use 5th gear timing maps for all gears. However, unlike a TRE, your stock gear indicator will still function and your bike will still compensate for its RAM AIR system at highway speeds as it should!

What if I want my bike Dyno Tuned?

  1. If you are local we can dyno tune in house.

  2. If you are not local, have your bike dyno tuned by a local tuner. You can then send us your run files or custom maps. We will need AFR, TPS, engine RPM, and atmospheric correction data with any run files or dyno printouts.

ECU Unleashed?

What is ECU Unleashed?
ECU Unleashed is the public name created for Christian Piasini’s Serial Suite and tune files. This system is available only to dealers and offers very flexible flashing but has limited tuning capabilities past loading tune file A, B, or C.

Does ECU Unleashed flashing outperform?
These days the cat is out of the bag. We are all exploiting the same tricks to unlock the same hidden potential. There is little if any performance difference between the services offered by us or any of our competitors. We just cannot justify charging $500 for 30 minutes worth of work…

Why is Flash-Tune better than ECU Unleashed?
We offer unparalleled value to our customers. We have developed a system which allow us to reliably and accurately import custom power commander .djm formatted maps into your stock ECU. We offer affordable ECU flashing and exchange services which allow you to get a flashed ECU without having down time while you mail in your ECU for programming. If you are a experienced tuner we also sell tuning interfaces which allow you to flash your own ECU!
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